Curly Q Learns the Letter C

Today, Curly Q has some fun with her letter C binder and caterpillars! She really moved through these activities, we ended up doing a lot today.

First, we started off with our letter C lacing cards. I first demonstrated to her how to do it. After that, I just let her play around with it. After she got the thread through a couple of holes she yelled, “I did it!” What a cutey.


These cards are usually used for play dough where she forms the dough into the letter C, but she just wanted to trace it with dry erase marker.  These sheets are laminated so we can reuse them!


We practiced categorizing small, medium, and large caterpillars. The word “medium” is new to her, so she was very curious about it.


We used these cards for color matching. One of the colors is maroon and she kept calling it red. I tried to convince her otherwise, but she was not having it. Curly Q-1 Momma-0.


She wanted to scribble some more. Inadvertently writing a lowercase a instead of a c. 🙂


She made a fuzzy caterpillar and letter C with her fuzzy magnets.


I wanted to have her practice more on the shape of the letter C, so we grabbed her hard magnets and had her make magnet letter C’s.


Last but not least, her letter C match. She really likes finding all of the matching pictures! To be honest, I kinda do too. 🙂4

Check out my resources page to see where I got all of these activities!


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