Beginning Math and Counting Review with Little Miss

Our first activity of the day really had nothing to do with math at all. Curly Q learned about the letter C this day and Little Miss wanted to get in on the action too. It only took her a second to finish the lower case lacing card. She even posed for a few pictures for me!


We started off with her practicing her number writing. We should probably do more practice on these, but we’ll get to that later. She had a bit of trouble with writing on the floor, but she didn’t want to go to the table and I choose my battles wisely…most of the time.


This next little activity I really liked for the girls. Little Miss loves anything with color and lots of little pieces, so this was right up her alley. All she had to do was put it’s body in number order from 1-20. For some reason there were two heads, so she just stuck one on either end.


Curly Q wanted in on the action and Little Miss never hesitates to teach her little sister all the things she has learned. Here she is showing her how to count to twenty!

6Our next activity can be done a few ways. We usually take the numbered caterpillar cards and count out the correct number of beans, beads, or whatever we are using for that day. Well I thought it was time for her to do something a little bit more challenging, so I found these numbered craft sticks I made at some point in the past three years and had her match the word to the number.


She has gotten pretty good at identifying numbers and counting to 100. There are a few kinks we need to smooth out, but nothing to fuss over. With this in mind, I thought we could start doing some adding activities.

This is not her first exposure to addition and subtraction. Throughout our regular day, we often ask her math questions. For example, if you have four pieces of broccoli and you eat two how many do you have left. That sorta thing. Her cotton ball jar that we use to help her make good choices is another way we encourage her to add and subtract. I’m always asking her to tell me how many more she needs to get to ten. Not only does this help her with counting, it also keeps her motivated and focused on making those good choices.

Anyway, back to learning time. These addition sheets come from the Confessions of a Homeschooler K4 curriculum and are great to reuse if you put them in sheet protectors. Little Miss was not content with just circling the correct answers, she wanted to give herself credit for getting them right by adding a check mark next to her answer!

3Even though this was our first time doing these cards, she found them pretty easy to get through. There are other pages that have more difficult problems. I think I may make her some addition pages that require her to use hands on manipulatives. She likes to use those little hands of hers. 🙂

As always, please check out my resources page to see where we get all of our learning time activities!


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