Raising Marigolds

I’ve tried a few times to grow flowering plants with no success. In the past I’ve always purchased the potted flowers that already have bloomed and as soon as I get them home and planted, the flowers disappear and the plant stops growing. I know with more research and time and effort I could probably figure something out, but I am not that patient and don’t have extra time for that.

So this year I decided to start from seed and see how that went. Well, so far it’s been a success. Along with my wildflower pots, I planted one pot with just marigold seeds and they are doing very well!


Besides planting them in the pot and making sure they are thoroughly watered, I don’t do anything else.

2One thing that I feel has made a huge difference is that I water them with rain water. A few years back our water company had a deal on rain barrels so Hollywood invested in four of them, placing one at each corner of our house. These things always stay full, especially with all of the rain we’ve been getting lately.

If I manage to keep these alive, I’ll definitely plant more pots next spring!


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