Workbook Pages and Letter F Review

Little Miss has completed the Letter of the Week curriculum two times through so I’ve decided to supplement her learning with some workbook pages. Since Curly Q was working her way through the Letter F, I did have Little Miss do some Letter F activities as a review.

When I introduce a new Letter to Curly Q, I always have Little Miss practice writing her upper and lowercase letters. Since she started learning time a few years ago, we’ve spent most of our time working on uppercase letters. Lately we’ve been trying to incorporate more lowercase writing. Sorry for the black rectangle, I forgot her name is on her pencil box…whoops!


I bought this workbook some time ago and some of the pages are a little easy for her, but she still enjoyed them. I really just wanted her to practice following directions with these.



When we were working on this last sheet, she made me giggle. The directions tell her to color the animals that are IN their houses. By the time she got to the last picture, she was so involved in the coloring process (she loves to color), she ended up coloring all of the horses in the picture. It’s funny how what you really enjoy always seems to come out. I told her “no worries” and we moved on. 🙂


For our letter F review, I had her do some number corresponding. Sometimes we use manipulatives to match the number of squares with the number of fish. This time, she chose to color in the squares with dry erase marker. Just as an added step, I had her write the number of fish she counted before coloring in the squares.


We then went over our vocabulary cards. Typically I ask her to come up with some F words on her own first before we break out the cards. Some of the words she comes up with are made up and hilarious. Hey, they all start with the F sound so she’s technically right! 🙂


We then moved on to her favorite activity; rice digging. For some reason I decided we should do learning time on a table instead of on the floor like we usually do. This decision really dampened the fun part of this for her as I emphasized keeping the rice in the bowl. She really couldn’t dig the way she usually does. Next time, on the floor mom!


Last, but not least, our sight word cards. We review these every now and then, but I’m thinking that we need to really get into more phonics activities since she is pretty comfortable with the basic alphabet and letter sounds.


That’s it for the day! Today’s learning time took way longer than our usual 30 or so minutes. We got a little carried away. 🙂

Check out my resources page to see where we get out learning time activities!


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