Curly Q Learns the Letter F

This is Curly Q’s first go ’round with the Letter F and we went a little overboard. She really likes learning time and is always eager to move on to the next activity. I just follow her lead and just focus on having her say the letter and pointing to it wherever we see it. This is just an introduction for her so I put very little, if any emphasis on her “getting it right”. For the letter F we just talked about fish and said the letter F a lot. 🙂

We started out with our fish lace card. She looped it through a few times and then made it swim a few laps, saying “shwim shwim shwim!”


Using our lacing beads I had her build the letter F using my alphabet cards I made. I basically printed out the entire alphabet, lowercase and uppercase, cute out the letters, and then laminated them to a sheet of card stock paper. This is always a fun one for her.


We did the fish color match game next. She needed a little guidance with this. Not that she didn’t know how to match the colors, she was wanting them to match up perfectly and gave up a few times when they wouldn’t line up.


We moved on to categorizing our uppercase and lowercase F’s. She had to put all the uppercase F’s in one pile and all of the lowercase F’s in another pile.


The size sort fish I figured would be a stretch, but I thought I’d see what she’d do with it. We’ve only really talked about big things vs little things, but size progression is new and maybe something we’ll focus on later. This is what she did with them. She just kind of lined them up in no particular order and said, “Yay, I did it!”. I joined in on the festivities and we gave each other a high five! Well done, Curly Q!


At this point she was ready to do some writing because Little Miss was coloring away on her workbook pages. Here she is scribbling away on her letter F sheet.


After tracing, I had her do the fish builders activity. For some reason I am missing a yellow fish. She was a little bothered by it at first, but I distracted her by telling her to go show Hollywood how good a job she had done. So off she went to the kitchen to show him her hard work.


She was gone for a bit.


I had already set up her next activity by the time she returned. She had taken a detour for some string cheese. Learning can make a little girl hungry! 🙂


To end our letter F day we did our bean dig. I hide four cards with the letter F and four cards with other uppercase letters in a big bowl of beans and she has to dig them out, separating the letter F’s from the other letters.

1We really had fun with these activities! Curly Q does not do a lot of coloring, so I’m thinking about making her some coloring pages that we can add into the mix.

Check out my resources page to see where we get our learning time materials!


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