Painting Daisies

It’s been three years since we’ve moved into this house and I can say we are finally making it look like a home.  We painted our living room walls and put up some of Hollywood’s old drawings. It’s starting to all come together a bit.

There were some blank spots that needed some kind of pictures or pieces of art, but I am not a big fan of spending money on decor from the store. Every time I find something I like, it always cost way more that I am willing to pay. My solution? Learn how to paint! Well…sorta paint. After watching some videos online and reading through some free courses, I decided to try my hand at it. They turned out pretty well, for me at least.

Here is the most recent one I finished last week.  I started it over a month and a half ago and it just kinda sat on my kitchen table, half done. There are some things I may go back and touch up, but it works for now.


Now I have pretty flowers to look at instead of a blank wall while I eat 🙂