Shaving Cream Mess

I really wish I was the kind of momma that really enjoyed making messes with her children. I browse around the interwebs looking for all sorts of fun at home activities for the girls and I always cringe when I see the homemade goop and silly putty.  The kids look like they are having a blast, but I am always thinking…how much of a mess is this gonna make and do I really want to clean it up afterwards.

Well, I went out on a limb and decided to have a little bit of shaving cream fun! This was not our first time breaking it out. Little Miss and I dabbled in it when she was about two, but she didn’t make too much of a mess and she’s kinda like me (in more ways than one), after about 10 minutes, she was done and wanted to wash her hands. I was relieved.

Curly Q, on the other hand, loves to make messes and tear things apart.  It’s how she learns and I want to make sure she channels that into something besides my house plants.  So I figured, why not give it another shot?

I started filling up their tubs with shaving cream, but of course Curly Q wanted to do it herself. I was happy to oblige.


That didn’t last long though. It was too hard for her to push the button to get it out.  I then let them squirt a couple of drops of food coloring to help peek their interest.  Yeah….not going to do that again.  The food coloring stained their hands and my pavement.  I didn’t really think that through very well.  It eventually washed away with the rain, but it still bothered me.


Then I let them have at it! They stuck their feetsies in it.


We ruined a couple of paint brushes. (They were old anyway)


We even hid some left over Easter eggs in there as well!


Overall it was OK.  I didn’t too much care for the smell and after some time it did get pretty slippery with their bare feet.  After Curly Q slipped once I was done.  They got about 20 good minutes out of it.  Curly Q had a blast of course.  Check out her marching skills!

6I had to make her a skirt…we’re not always big on pants out here. 🙂



Little Miss loves her bugs. When she was two, she would walk around and collect frogs; carrying them with her wherever she went. Poor frogs. None of them were injured by the way, I think.

The other day, she held on to this guy for awhile, letting him crawl from finger to finger. Yuck. I’ll leave the critter handling to her. She made sure to place him back in a tree so he could turn into a butterfly.



Hollywood spotted something hiding in the grass in our soccer goal. Can you see it?


Here, let me get closer.

1Cute isn’t it? We thought maybe it wasn’t alive, but we got closer and saw it breathing. It was trying so hard to hide. It had it’s ears tucked way down and had kind of flattened itself out where it was lying low to the ground. If the grass were brown around him, we may never have seen him!

We left it alone and played with Blue on the other side of the house so he wouldn’t notice. Jazz was out in the other field chasing other critters so she never saw it. Just to make sure he made it out OK we checked on him the next day and he was gone.

Six Legged Spider

Curly Q does not care for bugs. Gnats, flies, mosquitos, spiders, you name it, she screams and runs for her life. She found this guy and wanted us to squish it, but I felt sorry for him. An adolescent wolf spider that didn’t even have any size to him had already lost two of his legs.

1 I figured I’d help him out.

2There, that’s better. Good luck little fella!

So when I start feeling sorry for myself and complain about how “bad” my life is. I’ll remember that I still have all of my body parts. Accept my wisdom teeth, but I don’t think I was using those anyway.