Accidentally in the Way on Purpose

Blue is a large dog and the perfect height for me to scratch and pet¬†him. All I have to do is drop my arm and he’s there, ready to be scratched. With the girls getting a bit older, there is more time for me to devote to scratching time and he’s taking full advantage.

One of these days I’m gonna fall and break my neck with all the criss-crossing he does in front of me. Oh well, he’s a cutey so I don’t mind. The scratching that is…not the potential neck breaking part.

Here he is making his move…


cutting me off…


and then going in for the scratch. Haha…dogs are funny.



Not Your Bed Blue

Blue usually sleeps in an empty flower bed that we don’t use anymore. It’s soft, comfy, and right outside our bedroom door. Well one night he decided his usual resting place was just not enough for him anymore, he wanted to move on to¬†bigger and better things…like our new raised bed. If it isn’t the ants it’s something else. This was Hollywood’s solution. Simple, and it works.

1Luckily for Blue he only laid partially on one of the cucumber plants and kinda flattened it a bit. It’s still growing so there were casualties. Silly Blue.

Peeping Blue

We were very fortunate to get Blue.  He was at the shelter with his three sisters when they were no more than nine weeks old.  Someone was selling them on the side of the road, which is illegal in the city apparently.  Lucky for us, instead of paying the fine, the owners turned them over to the shelter.

It was perfect timing.  Hollywood and I showed up at the shelter that same day looking to add a little puppy to our family.  We almost adopted him and one of his sisters but since I was two months pregnant at the time we thought we would be biting off a little more than we could chew.

We think he is part lab and Great Dane. ¬†Either way, he’s on the larger side and he loves us. ¬†So much so, he follows us around the house…from the outside.

Here he is at the back door.


And the side door.


And of course watching Nena, my mother-in-law, feed the girls dinner.

3That last one is a little creepy. None the less we love him back. I think he is only doing this because winter is over and he no longer gets to spend those cold days inside with us. Maybe he’s experiencing a mild form of separation anxiety. Just a little.

Jazz Holes

We have holes all over our property. ¬†Like this one…


And this massively offensive one.


You’d think this was caused by some kind of rodent infestation. ¬†Nope. ¬†It’s because of her. Meet Jazz. She looks guilty doesn’t she?


Now that it’s spring she’s been making up for lost digging time from winter. In her defense, she is digging for something. Pocket gophers. After three years I have yet to see her catch one. ¬†Her determination is flawless.

If you¬†know of any humane ways of getting rid of pocket gophers, I’m all ears.