F is for Fire Alphabet Craft

It’s raining again and we’re all suffering from cabin fever, so I thought it would be a good time for us to start our alphabet crafts. I’ve been looking everywhere for something that would be simple for the girls to do, but couldn’t quite find what I was looking for. My solution? Make them myself!

The only supplies I wanted for this craft were glue, scissors, things to color it with, and the paper itself.  I also wanted the pieces they had to cut out to be basic shapes. We do not cover shapes that much in our “organized” learning time so I thought this would be a great opportunity to do that.

Another thing I wanted to include was for us to work on our sharing. With Little Miss being 5 and Curly Q pretty much 3, there are lots of arguments and lots of not sharing going on. So for this activity I had all three of us (I couldn’t miss out on the action) share one paper plate of paint with the four colors we were using. It went pretty well!

As usual I let the girls pick which letter they wanted to do. Little Miss picked first and she chose F is for Fire. Here’s Curly Q waiting for Little Miss to finish using the scissors. (Yup…we shared those too, but only because we had one pair.)



After cutting the bottom part out, we used acrylic paints and cotton swabs to paint the logs and the flames. You could use crayons or whatever really. I have tons of acrylic paints so that’s our go to when we need to color anything.


Then we painted the letter F red! (That looks like Fred.)


We let those dry for a bit. Acrylic paint dries pretty quickly, we just had to make sure that we didn’t have any big globs of paint. Those take a little longer to dry.

After they were dry, we cut out the logs and flames and started pasting them onto our red letter F. For some reason I do not have any bottled glue, so we had to break out the Mod Podge. It worked just fine. I would say that regular bottled glue would have made things a little easier, especially for Curly Q. She didn’t too much care for the glue getting on her fingers.

Here she is putting down her logs!


And here is Little Miss putting down her flames. She made sure to put them right on the edge so they’d “really look like fire!”


This is Little Miss’ finished craft!


And Curly Q’s! Hollywood said that hers looked more like an explosion. 🙂


We really had fun doing this. I think next time I’ll make sure to have another pair of scissors though.

Want to have a go at it yourself? Download F is for FIRE Printable!


Colors, Shapes, and Numbers

Today Hollywood spent the morning mowing the lawn so the girls and I decided we should probably learn some stuff.  We tend to focus a lot of our learning time on the alphabet and art, because it’s more fun and fun is what we like, but today we broke out the shapes and colors activities.

We usually spend only about 30 or so minutes doing learning time and honestly we don’t do it every day.  We even skip a week or so sometimes.  I have been doing activities with Little Miss since she was about three, and Curly Q just recently started doing it with us because she was showing some interest.  Here’s what we did today!

I had Curly Q start off with some shape matching.  This is an activity that is included in the “Letter of the Week” preschool curriculum over at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  Love her stuff!


After she slapped me with a high-five for finishing her first shape activity, she loves high-fives, I had her use beads to count to five.  She really liked this one.  It’s also included in the “Letter of the Week” curriculum.


I had some extra scrapbooking paper lying around so I made a matching game by cutting two large circles out of each pattern.  Curly Q just matches them together, but Little Miss turns them over and makes a matching game out of it.


Using this 100s chart Little Miss uses a pointer and counts through the entire chart.  If we’re feeling froggy, I’ll put some pom poms on certain numbers and have her tell me the number underneath.


Want to know how to make the magnet pom poms?  Look here.  I made them two years ago and they’re still good to go!